An Unhurried Journey

"Not hurrying, the purposeless life misses nothing, for it is only when there is no goal and no rush that the human senses are fully open to receive the world." -Alan Watts

  • Make a Wish

    Make a Wish

    It was cold when I got out of the minibus. A grey blanket of clouds hung in the sky, drizzling on my skin. In a public bathroom, I put on as many layers as I had, fortifying myself mentally just as much as physically. Armoured, I felt ready to take on the…

  • Three Days in Armenia

    Three Days in Armenia

    The border was right there. How could I resist? I had a week before my flight left from Tbilisi. And the border was right there. After more than a month stuck with it, the first part riding it, the second part hitchhiking with it, I was relieved to ditch the bicycle. “Da schwitzaria, njet problema!”…

  • The Journey Is Over

    The Journey Is Over

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is it. The Unhurried Journey, after almost four years, is over. I started in November 2019, leaving my home with a grand plan to see more than half of the world overland. Little did I know. One relationship, one pandemic, and one Dahab later, I have not seen nearly as much…

  • Shabbat Shalom

    Shabbat Shalom

    It was going to be a relaxed day. Looking out from the bus, the lake was just coming into view. I was surprised, both at its beauty and at the smile that had formed on my face. The landscape so far had been rather monotonous, unimpressive. Snaking our way lower and lower, for the lake…

  • Bulljumping


    “If he could wish for anything, anything at all; what would he make happen?”“He says that if a spirit gives him this power, the spirit will also tell him what to do.” * * * She didn’t like him. Something about his laugh. It was somehow off, shallow, fake. To me, he seemed like the…

  • The Snow Leopard

    The Snow Leopard

    A novella I wrote about my trip in Tajikistan; perhaps the most memorable one I’ve ever had.

  • Encounters with Strangers

    Encounters with Strangers

    One of the most enriching things about traveling is the sheer plethora of people you get to meet. People you would have never met otherwise. People from all over the world, with perspectives and opinions so foreign to your own ways of thinking. People with riveting stories that leave you amazed at life’s possibilities. Sometimes,…

  • All Roads Lead to Rome, or the Tale of a Box

    All Roads Lead to Rome, or the Tale of a Box

    Fucking ridiculous, I think to myself as I cycle past some ancient Roman ruins. I don’t care about the ruins. If anything, they annoy me. I’ll never cycle in this city again, my inner monologue continues as I grit my teeth while shakily riding on a one way cobblestone street. I am going against traffic, cars…

  • Your Story

    Your Story

    Part 1: You wake up feeling refreshed, for once. Thank god for that. You dreamt some questionable things, among other things. Even some nice things. You usually don’t dream many nice things. Last night’s dreams are foggy though, you can only recall a picture or two and a few feelings. As you try to recall…

  • Dear Madrid

    Dear Madrid

    It wasn’t love at first sight, was it? Please forgive me. But there were so many people, so many tourists. Carrying their Primark shopping bags from one place to another. Having overpriced ice cream. Taking selfies with their smartphones. Walking around Puerta del Sol, your heart, your epicenter, navigating the endless stream of humans, some…

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